Garantie 5 ans - Warranty 5 yearsGarantie 5 ans - Warranty 5 years
Garantie 5 ans - Warranty 5 years

Steelplay steps up on durability

We alreay provide and will keep providing a 5 years warranty on most of our products, making Steelplay the first manufacturing brand to cover its product for so long.


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Impulse Wireless headset

Compatible with PS5/PS4/Switch/Mobile/PC

The least expensive wireless headset fort game consoles on the market!

  1. Bluetooth Headset - Impulse (multi)
    Bluetooth Headset - Impulse (multi)
    SKU JVAMUL00143
    Public P. : €39.98 (inc.)
  2. Wireless Headset Metaltech Cobalt
    Wireless Headset Metaltech Cobalt
    SKU JVAMUL00160
    Public P. : €59.99 (inc.)


Garantie 5 ans - Warranty 5 yearsGarantie 5 ans - Warranty 5 years
Garantie 5 ans - Warranty 5 years

On the way to adventure with your favourite characters

The Adventure product range is made of unique looking products following the trends of the most expected game licenses to get a new opus out this year (Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, HP Hogwart’s Legacy, ...) all that at very affordable prices for Nintendo Switch, the largest game console pool in the world!

  1. Adventure Magic Wireless Headset (SwitchTM, Mobile, PC)
    Adventure Magic Wireless Headset (SwitchTM, Mobile, PC)
    SKU JVAMUL00159
    Public P. : €24.98 (inc.)
  2. Adventure Magic Wireless Controller (SwitchTM)
    Adventure Magic Wireless Controller (SwitchTM)
    SKU JVASWI00100
    Public P. : €24.98 (inc.)
  3. Adventure Wireless Headset (Switch™, Mobile, PC)
    Adventure Wireless Headset (Switch™, Mobile, PC)
    SKU JVAMUL00156
    Public P. : €24.98 (inc.)
  4. Adventure Wireless Controller (Switch™)
    Adventure Wireless Controller (Switch™)
    SKU JVASWI00099
    Public P. : €24.98 (inc.)



Your retro game console won't stand gathering dust! With the Retroline accessories, give a new life to your retro game systems.

Thanks to our lasting experience here at Pixminds (visit the MHV if you need convincing), the Retroline products are tested to work very well even on the most exotic retro hardware.

Retro line

All Accessoires At All (game) Activities


For PC or console, deck or portable - Steelplay is with you in all your game sessions to make your gamer's life better.

headsets - controllers - gaming chairs - cases and protections

Steelplay®, a brand nurtured with innovation

Part of the Pixminds group, the Steelplay brand provides videogame accessories that are clever and useful, at an affordable price.

We want to make affordable, durable products of good quality to improve the experience for all gamers on all platforms.

Our efforts have been recognised internationally with prestigious awards showing that Steelplay accessories do improve daily life for gamers (CES Innovation Award, German Design Award, German Innovation Award).

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