Plug the webcam's USB connector into a free USB port on the PC. Then place the webcam at the top of your screen. The lights come on.

[Microphone, adapter, tripod and cable]

Screw the microphone adapter onto the tripod. Place the microphone in the center of the adapter. Connect the cable to the XLR port of the microphone. Then plug the audio plug of the cable into the jack port of your PC.
NOTE: The jack port should be an input port only.

[Video kit]

Unfold the tripods and adjust them to the height you desire. Once the height is set, tighten the wing screws.

Insert a first tube (with hollow ends) into a tripod and secure it with a thumb screw. Then insert the tube with the "screw" end, with the screw facing up; secure it with a wing screw. Do the same to mount the second stand support.

Assemble the crossbar by assembling the 4 tubes. Place the tubes with the drilled ends at each end of the bar so that the holes face in the same direction.Place the crossbar over the 2 stand supports, previously mounted, inserting the holes at each end into the screws at the top of each support; secure it with two wing screws.

Arrange the green backdrop over the stand and use the 4 clamps to hold it in place.

The storage bag allows you to pack the tripods, tubes and screws of the stand holder together.

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