Steelplay - Charge Dock (switch)

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Final batch !

The Charge Dock for the SwitchTM console makes your gaming experience easier and more fun ! There will be no need about unsightly, tangling cables when you can charge your console and Pro Controller or Switch on one device. Charging your SwitchTM console and accessories has never been easier as you can charge them simultaneously. You will never have to sacrifice your gameplay to charge your console again! The unique design allows for the SwitchTM console and SwitchTM Pro Controller to fit snugly in its specific USC-C port.
- Compatible with Switch console, SwitchTM Pro Controller and SwitchTM Pad
- Allows to charge SwitchTM console, SwitchTM Pro Controller or SwitchTM Pad
- Charge Dock plugs directly to wall socket
- No more messy cables everywhere!
- No need to turn off the console to charge
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Weight 410 g
Ean13 Code 3760210999071
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