Steelplay - Ac Adaptor (switch)

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Compatible with the Switch™ and Switch™ Lite console, the Steelplay® power adapter allows you to charge the console. In both handheld and table mode with the docking station. Very efficient, it ensures a very fast loading allowing to play again very quickly. The 1.8-meter cable allows to play comfortably when you continue to play in handheld mode while charging.  


- Compatible with the Switch™ and Switch™ Lite console 15.6V/2.6A power for fast charge

- The console is fully charged in less than 3 hours

- Charge the console while playing Also charge the Nintendo Switch™

- Dock 1.8-metre USB Type-C Cable

- Automatically stop charging when the console is fully charged

- Protection for excess voltage and temperature

Key Strengths  

- Quick recharge

- Efficient and reliable

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Weight 200 g
Ean13 Code 3760211000639
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