Wireless controller - interchangeable buttons (Switch)

Wireless controller – interchangeable buttons (Switch)


Dive into the heart of your parts with the Steelplay® supra-auricular wired headset. Equipped with 40 mm loudspeakers, it delivers a precise and clear sound in order to accurately reproduce what is happening on the screen. Equipped with a flexible and detachable omnidirectional microphone, it offers all the weapons to achieve victory. Comfortable thanks to its light weight, it reduces the overall pressure around your ears to ensure long-lasting comfort, even after long game sessions.


• Wireless controller compatible with Switch / PC/ Android
• 2 joystick / D-pad / Action buttons / Buttons L-ZL / R-ZR
• 4 programmable rear paddles

• Interchangeable cover > 2 additional covers (red et blue) included
• Modulable Joysticks, D-pad & action buttons
• Control disc

• Turbo function – With gyroscope axis function
• 80cm charging cable
• Battery 500mAh
• Autonomy : 20h de jeu

• Customization of the controller: change the controller shell to give it your style
• Personalization of the style of play: interchange the joystick / D- pad / Action buttons to play according to your habits
• Ergonomic and comfortable design

 Wireless Controller Interchangeable Buttons Manual